About Us – Family-Owned Business

About Us

Lydia’s Healthy Edibles, LLC is a family-owned business in Memphis, Tennessee. The company was born out of a great necessity.

My husband has been dealing with digestive issues for most of his life. A few years after we were married, we discovered he is allergic to wheat, thus the need for Gluten Free Flours.

So I did what any good wife would; I put on my lab coat and goggles, stepped into the kitchen, and went to work. It took a lot of research to discover what my husband could and couldn’t eat. I paid close attention to milling my own grains and beans. I got my first grain mill, and I was in heaven.

My family and friends were so impressed that I turned it into a business to serve the people that need other options to cook and bake with. I hope that you enjoy our products as much as our family does.