Best Gluten-Free Vegan Buns: For Burgers, Sandwiches, and More



If you have never tried gluten-free, vegan burger buns, then you are seriously missing out. They’re soft and delicious. Most of all, they are a healthy option if burgers so happen to be one of your favorite foods. It works with but is not limited to chicken, turkey, meat substitutes, and any other option you desire. Heck, they even go well with bean or plant-based burgers if you do happen to be a vegetarian or vegan.

The best part is that gluten-free burger buns are now widely available. And if you’re a keen baker, they’re super easy to make at home too. Here’s everything you need to know about gluten and dairy-free bread.

But First, What Does Gluten-Free Mean?

Millions of people suffer from gluten intolerance or celiac disease. It’s a condition that affects the immune system. Although you can develop an intolerance at any age, it usually starts in childhood. Celiac disease is so common that it’s estimated that around 3 million people are affected by it. If you are intolerant and eat gluten, your immune system reacts and causes damage to your small intestine.

Gluten is in most grains like wheat, rye, barley, etc. You don’t have to have celiac disease to eat a gluten-free diet. Research has shown that eating a gluten-free diet and can aid in weight loss and boost energy. It can also benefit any digestive problems you may have, as well as reduce chronic inflammation. Eating gluten-free means eating healthier. But the best part about it is that you still get to enjoy your favorite sandwiches and burgers.

Variety of Gluten-Free Options

Aside from the added health benefits of gluten-free, vegan burger buns, you can use them for various dishes. Whether you’re throwing a BBQ or want to make a sandwich for lunch, gluten-free hamburger buns don’t disappoint. There are many gluten-free options today. Even restaurants have adapted their dishes and offer gluten-free options. If you fancy yourself as a baker, you can also make some homemade buns yourself. They’re easy on the eye and your stomach. Here are some tips when making gluten-free burger buns.

Tips To Make The Best Gluten-Free Vegan Burger Buns

If this is your first time making gluten-free bread, don’t be surprised that it’s much wetter than the ordinary bun. It’s supposed to be like that. Use rapid yeast. The yeast you use should be fresh, and using rapid yeast works best because you don’t need to proof it. Keep ingredients at room temperature. That includes eggs (if you keep them in your fridge) or egg substitutes. Let all your ingredients sit out for at least 30 minutes before you start baking.

The flour, yeast, eggs or egg substitute, etc., must be at room temperature if you want your buns to turn out great. It’s all to do with the yeast because yeast thrives in warm temperatures. Stick to the measurements. Always stick to the measurements, don’t just wing it. For instance, adding more flour won’t fix it if you have doubts about consistency. Adding more flour will only give you a denser bun.

Use the proper utensils. Use a flat beater when mixing your dough. Unlike ordinary bread, most gluten-free bread recipes do not require any need for kneading. So, there’s no need to use a bread hook. Just place it in a warm location. Bread rises best in a warm environment. If your oven has a proofing mode function, you can use that. But any warm spot around your house works. Just make sure you cover it well.

Use the middle rack of your oven. Always use your middle rack for baking your gluten-free buns. Using the middle rack is so that they cook evenly and avoid getting burnt at the top. Check the temperature. Once the internal temperature reaches 202 F, it means your buns are done. You can use a read thermometer to check your homemade buns.

What Should The Consistency Be Like?

The consistency of your buns should be anywhere between cake batter and cookie dough. Although it’s wetter than regular gluten-filled dough, it is still strong enough to keep its shape.

Where Can I Buy Gluten-Free Vegan Burger Buns?

If you’re looking for some delicious and healthy buns, then Lydia’s Healthy Edibles Burger Buns are an excellent place to start. The pre-cut buns are made with a unique blend of gluten-free flour, vegan butter, flaxseed, cane sugar, and sea salt.

What’s The Best Way To Store Burger Buns?

Whether your buns are homemade or shop-bought, how you store them is also essential. If you have baked them at home, make sure they are completely cooled before putting them in a container. Once cooled, place them in an air-tight container and leave them at room temperature. The same goes for your shop-bought buns. Make sure that you seal or wrap the packet tightly to prevent them from going stale.

Can I Freeze Them?

Absolutely! You can even batch-bake and pop them in the freezer for when you need them—complete convenience. After the dough has cooled down to room temperature, wrap it in plastic or foil (both are always better). That way, you can guarantee that no air gets in them. Please place them in freezer bags, and that’s it. The homemade dough can be frozen for up to 3 months. You can also freeze shop-bought ones. But if you do, make sure to read the label first. Please read the guidelines on the packaging for how long you can freeze them. When you want to thaw them, keep them in the fridge overnight.

The Bottom Line

Gluten-free hamburger buns are the best for when you need some pick-me-up food. It’s healthy, mouth-watering, and works with pretty much all your favorite foods. They’re hard to fault, regardless of whether you buy them or make them yourself. Once you start eating gluten-free buns, it’s unlikely that you will ever go back to eating ordinary bread. Let’s face it, is there anything better than eating guilt-free bread? So, go ahead, grab your buns, and indulge like never before.